Testimonials for prefab, mobile and manufactured homes in Santa Cruz County, California
Antonellis #13
Bonny and Chester Davis

Dear Neil,

Many thanks to you, John, Ashley and JR for our beautiful new home! You are a real team; you all worked together to get us what we wanted! We knew it would be wonderful and it has exceeded our highest expectations. You guided us in all of our selections with a lot of patience, Neil. You really did understand how difficult it was to make so many choices; and that was part of the pleasure of making the choices--we had a multitude of great things to pick from!

It was interesting to watch the process of our new house coming into being. Your workers and subcontractors are pros at their trades. They too were very helpful with all of our questions. My husband was on the jobsite nearly every day. He knows quite a bit about construction and feels that an excellent job was done. We have a good solid house done with professional finishes. It is great!

Thanks again and we are happily recommending you to anyone who asks!


Bonny & Chester Davis 

Susie Stevens

Where do you go after living for 43 years in one mobile home park and you're ready to sell? I have watched other manufactured home realtors come and go over the years, only to see rudeness, impatience and greed. Then I remembered John Barss from Ideal Homes. 10 years ago I spoke to John briefly, he had just brought in a beautiful new mobile home into our park. Something told me to take a moment and speak with him, and I'm so glad I did. I made it clear I wasn't ready to sell my mobile home to anyone, but I knew at the end of our conversation John would be the perfect pick for me. I have just completed my sale to Ideal Homes and what a wonderful experience I had. I hesitated when I found out John was too busy to work with me as my primary realtor, this is when I met Cassius Coffey. He had the grace of God. The entire process was explained to me in 1 hour, he negotiated with John regarding what I wanted to to sell it for and what John was willing to offer me. There was mutual respect, consistent professionalism and integrity. Anytime I had a question, Ashley the office manager was gracious and always made sure my questions got answered. Never once were my phone calls ignored. Who says there's no such thing as perfect. I never had any doubt that I was ready to sell my mobile home, but I needed someone to help me find a place to move. The RIGHT place! Cassius even helped me with that. Anytime I walked into the office I was always greeted warmly by the staff and the beautiful scented candle Ashley always had lit. I highly recommend this affordable manufactured home living and with it their years of experience. 
Yacht Harbor #98
Carol Roe

I recently purchased a home through Ideal Homes in Capitola. My salesperson was Cassius Coffey. With his help and the help of the owner, John, we designed the most beautiful house I have ever lived in. I was able to stay in the same park I have lived in for 18 years. Everything is exactly what I wanted and the home fits my personality perfectly. John and his team at Ideal Homes were beside me every step of the way and still are if I need anything. I truly consider them my heroes! Everything, including financing my new home, getting the permits, talking to the park manager, knowing what to do to make my dream come true, they handled. My home is wonderful and I owe it all to Ideal Homes in Capitola. Anyone who asks, I recommend John and his crew to make a new dream come true for someone else. THANKS AGAIN, JOHN, ASHLEY, CASSIUS AND NEIL. 
Villa Santa Cruz #16
Tom and Iris Moreno

We were looking for a manufactured home and a space to put it in a senior park. We were dealing with another company in town and getting nowhere. Then we found out about Ideal Homes in Capitola and we are so glad we did! John Barss, the owner found us a lot in the park we really wanted to be in, and got to design the home with his help. We moved in 2 weeks ago and he has been there for us from day 1! If there was a problem, he fixed it. He calls us back right away. The home is our dream home! Beautiful! If I suggested a change in plans, he was there to help us see if it was a good idea. His staff is excellent! Do yourself a favor and tour the inside of their model home in Capitola on Bay Ave. You won't be sorry! And so affordable!!! We have new friends at Ideal Homes! 
Spring Lakes #158
Paul and Joyce Browne

Have a desire to scale down? Lesson monthly expenses? Free yourself up from years of "stuff?" Don't be afraid, jump right in with Ideal, they will take care of you and your needs.

Don't you love an experience where you are always met with a smile and a helping hand, no matter what the problem? Thoroughness and follow-through? Over the bumps, but overall a smooth ride? This aptly describes our recent purchase and creation of a manufactured home by Ideal Homes. Neil Porsch was our main contact, but the whole team, John, Jack and many more were always there to support us and guide us through what is usually stressful and unpleasant. No problem was too big for a solution and the innovative suggestions provided by Ideal Homes helped guide us in making great decisions regarding our home. Our new home will always be a reminder of the wonderful people at Ideal. Our advice...go with Neil at Ideal! 
Seacliff #48
Dave Pfaff

This is a beautiful thank you card from one of our happy clients.
354 Sunrise Terrace
Mary Lee & Dave Iverson


September 10, 2008

To:  "Future Purchasers of Manufactured Homes"

If you are reading this "testimony", it is because you have an interest in purchasing a home from "Ideal Homes" & you may have some questions about the process of a purchase.

Let us share our recent experience:

We began our "journey" in the middle of June 2008.  We were referred to Neil Porsch, by a former client in our Mobile Home Park.  They had searched & studied the various manufactured home companies for nearly 6 years.  We looked at new homes in Nipomo & Visalia & had just about decided to purchase a home in Paso Robles, but instead went to Ventura to talk to Neil, before making our final decision & see what his company had to offer, not really intending to sign a contract.

After telling Neil what we wanted in a floor plan, he showed us 2 models.  They were floor plans we had never seen or thought about before.  We sat down, gave Neil our "wish list" and he in turn recommended certain criteria & before we knew it, we had come to an agreement.  Neil knew how to help us choose tile, carpet, paint, fixtures, etc.  We were novices & he showed us how very experienced he was in helping a buyer choose the correct items.

We are Real Estate Brokers & have been in the business for 32 years & we learned so much from Neil.  He was truly the "heart & soul" of our purchase.  He held our hand (so to speak) through the whole process.  He called us all the time & kept us up to speed on what was happening.  Neil suggested we visit the factory where Karsten Homes are put together in Sacramento to see our home being built (which by the way, was built in 9 days).  This experience is something we suggest to everyone...You will be amazed.  Neil was there, coming from Ventura to oversee our tour of the factory.  When our home was delivered, he was there to make sure all was well.  Our home arrived in the evening & was parked near our mobilehome park overnight.  (Neil slept in his car, to watch over our home & make sure no one disturbed our "treasure".

The next day, as our home came through our park gates, Neil was like an expectant father, pacing up and down to make sure it was placed correctly on our lot.  At the same time, most everyone in our park sat on chairs watching the "show" & Neil, with his charming personality, spoke to them all, answering questions, if they asked.  Because of him & his company, he signed up someone else in our park that week, who had watched the process.

Our home was set up in 2 weeks.  From June to August, the process from start to finish, only took just over 8 weeks.  AS I write this, neil has been in contact with us regularly.  As we find certain things that we would like changed, he contacts the Manufacturer & they in turn send workmen to take care of our needs.

In summation, may I say this experience has been one we would never have imagined.  Neil was the perfect agent throughout our process.  I carry his business cards & pass them out regularly, to possible purchasers, so that they may have the positive experience we have had.  He has made this journey one we will always remember as a once in a lifetime "show"!!

"We DO SO appreciate you Neil"!!!


The Iversons
Mary Lee & Dave
354 Sunrise Terrace
Arroyo Grande, Ca 93420



Spring Lakes # 72
Herb and MaryAnn Leippe

Herb and I want to express our gratitude to you and all your people who made our home so beautiful. We appreciate the quality of the home, along with the design features this home has. The team of Ideal Homes work together so well and we appreciate the quick response to any questions that arise. You all are wonderful to work with and we would gladly refer anyone to you, that's interested in purchasing a manufactured home.

                                                  With affection,

                                                                     Herb and MaryAnn Leippe


Yacht Harbor 27
Mike and Cyndy Mulhern

We purchased our home from IDEAL HOMES in 2005 as a vacation get-away. What a joy it's been. We found the entire staff to be extremely friendly and professional, from the sales people and office staff to the maintainence guys. Because we live 3 hours away, there was a concern as to how we'd arrange for service during our first year. The staff at IDEAL made it so easy to take care of anything we had a concern about, a problem or an issue. We would simply make a call and talk to Peggy, the head of the service department. Nothing was ever questioned, just scheduled and taken care of. Any need was handled immediately and professionally, so much so that we left them a set of keys at the office, for their convenience. We would recommend IDEAL HOMES to anyone who is even thinking of purchasing a manufactured home.
Yacht Harbor # 96
Cliff & Cassandra Tillman

This is a letter to tell everyone about the excellent workmanship done on our new home. When we first met Jeff Todd, I must admit, I (Cassandra), was a little unsure. I'd looked at other homes and thought they weren't for me. Cliff, on the other hand, was all for them. When Jeff took the time to show me several properties and go over the details, I was sold. I didn't feel pushed or rushed into any decision. The absolute best deal sealer was designing the home to meet our needs and wants. I got what I really wanted and a home that we plan on keeping into retirement. The staff has shown professionalism and patience in putting the home together and getting it ready for us. This is a turn key home, ordered by us. When people come to our home for pleasure or business, they question where we got the home, how much it was and is it really a "manufactured" home? I simply give them one of Jeff's business cards now.After showing our home to so many people, I think I could have sold them a home. Thanks so much for the work you  have done and your hands on approach.
Shoreline # 17
Alice Martin

The best kept secret for fun and fuss-free living is a manufactured home I purchased from Ideal Homes. The staff and crew were fantastic during the designing and building phase. Now I’ve moved in and we’re in the “tweaking” mode. Ideal Homes’ customer service skills, expertise in their product knowledge and follow up can’t be beat. “A Happy Clam I Am,” and my heroes are IDEAL HOMES.
Shoreline # 20
Jim, Kuunani, & Sonny Boy Burkhardt

When a company advertises customer satisfaction, quality, friendliness and is consistent with this, they are the “Ideal” standard. Thank you IDEAL HOMES and Karsten for taking such good care of us with superior service that is prompt and professional. We are pleasantly satisfied with our home of quality and charm.

Happy Karsten Homeowners,

Jim, Kuunani & Sonny Boy Burkhardt

Turner Lane # 15
Carissa & Brandon Yamasaki

As first time homebuyers, Ideal Homes made our home buying experience painless and enjoyable. Throughout the buying process and even two years later, they are still quick to answer any questions we have and have treated us like family. We love our Karsten home and would not hesitate to recommend Ideal Homes to anyone. When we are ready to move up, Ideal Homes will be the first call we make.
Rodeo Estates # 18
Andy Rivera & Carmen Martinez

Just a few words to tell anyone who is interested in hearing about our experience with the team of professionals at Ideal Homes. Three years ago, we drove into Rodeo Gulch Mobile Estates Park to look around. We saw the Ideal Homes sign and decided to give them a call. From that first meeting with Tom, we can only say wonderful things about the team at Ideal Homes. Tom, Jeff, John and Peggy worked with us and addressed all our needs with a high level of care, concern, and professionalism. They provided guidance and advice during the entire process of selling our condo and then purchasing our brand new Karsten manufactured home. Andy and I were impressed with their flexibility and professional yet friendly manner. By the time we were in our new home, we felt that we had made a group of friends. We really love our new home and would recommend the Ideal Homes team without reservation.
Yacht Harbor # 40
Terry & Janis Bond

Well established and operated office that did an excellent job of ensuring our needs and time line demands were all met from their areas of responsibility. Expectations had been set in a very positive manner, and when assistance was needed, they stepped in to assist along with a follow up to ensure those areas were properly handled.
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